Punadra is a town and former princely state in Gujarat, western India.


Punadra was a Fourth Class princely state and taluka, comprising ten more villages, covering eleven square miles in Mahi Kantha, ruled by Makwana Koli of Jhala Dynasty having Thakor title during the British Raj under the colonial Mahi Kantha Agency. The ruler converted to Islam by Mahmud Begada. They are brothers of Dabha State, Ramas State and Khadal State.[1][2]

It had a combined population of 2,662 in 1901, yielding a state revenue of 15,598 Rupees (mostly from land), paying a tribute of 375 Rupees to the Gaekwad Baroda State.

Places of interest

The village has an old fort from the time of Mahmud Begada (1459 - 1511).


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Coordinates: 23°06′N 72°58′E / 23.100°N 72.967°E / 23.100; 72.967